Mandawi means marketplace. This website will be an online marketplace for Afghan artisans. The mission of Mandawi is to support the people of Afghanistan, to show the rich culture and incredible talent of the artisans, to demonstrate the pride of the culture. I loved doing the deep dive research for this brand. The logo and various designs are all inspired by the beautiful tile work present throughout the architecture in Afghanistan. 

scope of work

Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design

VIBE: Artisanal, Cultural, Islamic

The logo is inspired by beautiful tile work and islamic patterns present throughout Afghanistan. It also represents the interconnectedness of the Afghan people, and the support of the outside world.

Mandawi was founded by a team of Veterans, their mission is to support the Afghan people, and bring their rich culture to the West. Mandawi seeks to show that there is so much more to Afghanistan and its people than what we typically see in the news. I felt so compelled by all of the beautiful work by the Afghan artisans I came across in my research. Here are a few examples of the beautiful tilework that inspired me.