If you do good, let’s do good together.

We are Optimistic because we believe that being good to the planet and its people makes us happier, and because we think engaged citizens using their combined talents to do good might just save the planet.  We are Green through and through, sustainability and living in line with the planet is our number one goal. If yo u do good, let’s do good together!


Optimistically Green is an independently run design studio, led by Jen Tracy. This means we unite our network of expert partners including designers, web developers, writers, photographers and more to create the perfectly custom crafted team to best suit each client’s needs while keeping costs down for you. 

We skip the traditional agency office space in favor of traveling and working from connected locations around the world. This keeps overhead low and creative inspiration high.  Through these global connections, we are best able to stay up to date with branding and business strategies all over the world. Our industry (and yours) is constantly evolving. So instead of letting the new creative concepts and inspiration come to us, we go to them.

We work with individuals, non-profits, small and large businesses, and organizations that believe creativity has enormous power for change and that strong design can impact people and achieve results.  We are focused on telling stories that are a catalyst for change. We are passionate creators who share your beliefs and invest our energies and skills in organizations that are working together for good. 

_ Meet the Team
Jen painting a mural

Jen Tracy

Founder & Design Director
Lover of the planet, art and design (and food!)

Jen is a designer with over a decade of professional design experience working specifically with eco and socially conscious companies, organizations, and individuals.  After working in house as a designer for several eco friendly companies, she wanted to be able to make a bigger impact by being accessible to smaller clients, and get to explore the relationship between creativity, design, and sustainability more thoroughly.  Jen’s slogan is “find your purpose and use it for good.”