I am a designer on a mission to make the world a better place by co-creating with brands who care. I am obsessed with brands and telling unique stories. My purpose on earth is to help you tell your story and share it with your tribe. My style as a designer is fairly diverse, depending upon your needs and your unique voice.

I work to build an engaging and clear brand story that connects with your customers, and then apply it across the board. I have an extensive background in marketing, which enables me to create design that converts and resonates.

I have worked in house as a designer and marketer for several companies, all while having my own freelancing business to connect with and support smaller brands

I have been a remote worker throughout most of my career. I am extremely disciplined with my time, meeting deadlines, and great at communication. I am kind and fun, and my co-workers and clients rave about how enjoyable it is to work with me. I am a fairly well adjusted people pleaser 🙂 I will go above and beyond to make you feel happy to work with me.