The Pragmatic Penguin

The Pragmatic Penguin is a brand I created completely from scratch.  The business offers an innovative approach to patents, so we needed to create an innovative brand that didn’t look like all of the traditional patent attorney websites. I wanted to create a brand that was unique, memorable, and outside of the box while still creating trust. 

scope of work

Branding, Brand Messaging, Web Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Packaging Design, Product Photography, Personal Branding Photography

VIBE: Trustworthy, quirky, unique, friendly

The logo includes a sophisticated penguin wearing a bowtie and monocle.

The business owner, Rory Flanagan, wears a matching bowtie across all branded photography.  

 I designed and illustrated a penguin mascot who is used in a variety of The Pragmatic Penguin’s marketing materials, the mascot is especially used to liven up otherwise dull topics. He has a bowtie and monocle to match the logo and the business owner. The illustration style is rather sophisticated, to demonstrate the brand’s trustworthiness and pragmatic approach. 

It can be difficult to represent a service based product. Research shows that customers automatically associate more value with tangible products. To visualize the service based product, I did some packaging design and product photography to get the message across.