The Mobile Professor



An online platform for virtual tutoring, academic support, and courses.

The Mobile Professor is Ellen Bluestone, a Philadelphia based non university affiliated professor.
Ellen wanted to take her decades of University experience, and be able to offer them to learners of all types. 

Demonstrating accessibility and friendliness.

We worked together, to build from the brand up.  It was of the utmost importance to show The Mobile Professor’s accessibility and friendliness throughout the site. Through use of a wide color palette, illustrations, and organic shapes – it is clear that this professor is relatable and makes learning fun.

Business Cards

The business cards carry on the color palette and approachability present throughout The Mobile Professor Brand.

Putting the Mobile in The Mobile Professor

It was imperative that The Mobile Professor is responsive and perfectly formatted for all devices.  After all, the mission of The Mobile Professor is to provide quality education on the go, from any device.