Optimistically Green is Jenny - a planet loving artsy jack-of-all-trades.

 I am a freelancer in all areas of art, design, and much more.  My mission is to take my talents (all things artsy) and combine them with my passions (saving the planet, supporting others who are working to save the planet).  My business name/true identity is Optimistic because I am a very happy person, I believe that being good to the planet and its people makes us happier, and because I think engaged citizens using their combined talents to do good might just save the planet.  The Green is my life.  I have been working with many amazing eco-minded clients for nearly 10 years.  My experience and passion in this area make me a unique and great fit for your environmentally and/or socially conscious company or organization.  Work with an experienced designer who values your mission. If you do good, let's do good together!


I have been working with eco and socially conscious companies, organizations, and individuals for nearly a decade, and have a thorough understanding of how to best present and display this to audiences and customers for maximum impact.  If you do good, let's do good together!

I became a freelancer because I have so many interests and passions, I did not want to narrow them down, I wanted to keep growing and expanding them. I have experience in a wide array of areas that could make me a one stop shop for your business needs.

Eco Friendly Lifestyle
Living in line with the planets needs enables one to live more in line with one's community, family, and one's self. Eco-friendly is not synonymous with sacrifice. Optimistically Green is all about living a happy, fulfilled life exploring many passions and interests, while living in harmony with green lifestyle choices.