Hand crafted work
as unique as your company.

Optimistically Green is a sustainable and socially responsible design studio
that works with businesses who want to create a better world.

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Who We Are

We work with individuals, non-profits, small and large businesses and organizations that believe creativity has enormous power for change and that strong design can move people and achieve results.  We are focused on telling stories that are a catalyst for change. We are passionate creators who share your beliefs and invest our energies and skills in organizations that are working together for good. 

We are Optimistic because we believe that being good to the planet and its people makes us happier, and because we think engaged citizens using their combined talents to do good might just save the planet.  We are Green through and through, sustainability and living in line with the planet is our number one goal. If you do good, let’s do good together!



We work with people like you who take socially and environmentally responsible action.
We spread your message and help you to achieve your goals.
We create amazing designs, with a focus on hand lettering and one of a kind artwork and graphics, applied to branding, packaging, print and web.

Lettering & Illustration

Brand Strategy & Identity

Logo Design

Web Design

Print & Marketing Collateral

Package Design

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